Children, young people and families  can experience a range of difficulties at any time in their life. Early Help services are for children and young people of any age and can be supported from all kinds of services and organisations who work together to support the family. Many families already use these services. Early Help enables services to work together to support the specific needs of families, children and young people.


At Catherine Infant School we work together with Early Help services to support our families and children. We are able to complete an Early Help Assessment (EHA) with you to ensure that the right support is given early on to enable families and children to grow, be healthy and function fully in everyday life.


As a parent or carer  you can  request targeted support if you have concerns about your child’s health, development or behaviour. This can be through school, a health professional or Family Support worker.


To find out more information on Early Help please follow the links below or contact 0116 454 1004 or email early-help@leicester.gov.uk


Alternatively, please come into school and speak to Mr Madhaw, Headteacher, or Mrs Kachhela, Deputy Headteacher. They will arrange a time to meet with you and discuss what support you need and what may be available. 


Leicester City Council Early Help Offer

Leicester City Council Early Help and Prevention Offer

Early Help Assessment Model