We hope to move into our new school early 2025!


We are eagerly awaiting the completion of our new school building. Once completed, our children will have a state of the art, amazing building in which to learn. For further information please visit the website for the architectures of the build by clicking on the following link;

Maber - Catherine Infant School Project

For further regular updates and photos/videos please continue see further down this page.

JUNE 2024 πŸ”¨

Look at the progress!!

The building is really beginning to take shape now! The cladding is in and the window frames are fitted. 🏫 The windows are now being installed! 

MARCH 2024 πŸ”¨

Steel Works Nearly Complete!

Most of the steel works have now been completed and we can see the foundations for the flooring. There is a section of steel that the contractors have kindly allowed staff to sign which will be installed into the frame. πŸ‘·


FEBRUARY 2024 πŸ”¨

Steel Frame!

The steel frames are beginning to go up, these will form the skeleton frame for our new school! We will continue to upload more pictures πŸ“· as the frame takes shape.

FEBRUARY 2024 πŸ”¨

Lots of progress being made!

After a number of weeks of groundworks, we now have a crane on site. The crane will be here for a few weeks whilst the steel frame of the new building is installed. 🚧


Today (01/02/24) we have had the lift shaft installed for the new school! Over the coming weeks some of our pupils will have the chance to visit the new site. πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈπŸ‘·


See the images and video πŸ‘‰


NOVEMBER 2023 πŸ”¨

Demolition Update

All of the old school offices, hall, kitchen and four classrooms have been demolished. πŸ‘·πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ


Demolition has begun!

Work has started in demolishing the old building.  Take a look at the video πŸ‘‰

Our pupils have been fantastic at adapting to the changes that have taken place, thank you also to all our families for cooperating and making this transition as smooth as possible. 😊


Welcome back to all our pupils!

Our new classrooms in our temporary building are all set up for the children, we look forward to welcoming back our pupils to school this morning! πŸ₯³

AUGUST 2023 πŸ”¨

Temporary Building Update!

Our temporary building is beginning to take shape! The builders πŸ‘· are continuing to work hard in getting the building ready for us to welcome the children back in September.

AUGUST 2023 πŸ”¨

Temporary Building Update!

We have the offices, year 1, year 2, DSP block, the hall, kitchen block and finally the nursery block. Everything is running on time ⌚ We hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays! β˜€οΈ


Packed and Ready to Move!

We are all packed and ready to move into our temporary building! πŸ’Ό We are sad to be leaving our old building, but are looking forward seeing the progress of the new school build! 🏫

JULY 2023 πŸ”¨

Gas Switch Off!

Today some of our Eco committee went onto the building site to see the crane and the temporary building work. Then they went to help turn off the gas supply to school. No more gas! 1 step closer to carbon neutral! πŸ˜ƒ

JULY 2023 πŸ”¨

First Floor!

The builders have started to install the first floor today! See the video πŸ‘‰

JULY 2023 πŸ”¨

Arrival of Temporary School!

The temporary school has arrived. We have 42 blocks arriving this week. Here’s the first and second blocks being installed! πŸ—οΈ

MAY/JUNE 2023 πŸ”¨

Work has started!

Grounds work has started in our main playground (Martin St playground)!  This playground is now fenced off and is part of a building site. Once the grounds work is completed the temporary school blocks will begin to arrive!