Our School Ethos

Our ethos at Catherine Infant School is to create a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment where all children are inspired to work hard to achieve their full potential. Through a broad and balanced education all children will grow in self esteem and confidence to become caring and responsible individuals.


Our School Vision Statement

Together we:

  1. Inspire, challenge, teach and learn
  2. Celebrate success and achievement for all
  3. Believe that we are equal, always aiming for greatness
  4. Are respectful of all in our world
  5. Embrace our community


Our School Values

School Values:

⭐ We are kind

⭐ We are respectful

⭐ We are resilient

⭐ We love learning


Our Character Education

We teach our school values through Character Education. At Catherine Infant School we have chosen 19 character words which will be introduced and strengthened throughout the school year. The character words represent positive character attributes that enable pupils to become life-long learners and well-rounded, confident individuals.  The character words are referred to as ‘character muscles’ by pupils and staff as this emphasises that we each possesses a full range of these characteristics and through conscious exercise and focus they can be made stronger.


Catherine Infant School’s chosen character muscles are:


Resilience        Friendship
  Creativity    Confidence     
Self-esteem   Curiosity   Love of Learning
  Kindness   Courage  
Perseverance   Respect   Motivation
   Teamwork   Optimism  
Appreciation   Enthusiasm   Communication
     Gratitude    Independence