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 Mental Health & Wellbeing

What is Route to Resilience? 

Route to Resilience is an evidence-based and practical approach to supporting schools and families in their work developing the character, resilience and emotional wellbeing of children and young people, funded as part of the local NHS Future in Mind programme. 

It is based on nationally recognised and locally piloted strategies that integrate with existing curriculum / school routines / requirements and is designed to address two of the key priorities from the Department for Education’s current strategic plan through to 2020.

Schools work together in cohorts of 10 to 15 and attend a total of 10 half-day training  sessions over the course of an academic year.

Six sessions are  delivered by Wellbeing Education.  These sessions develop  schools’ existing work on character, values and growth mindset and share practical, effective, innovative and inspirational ideas for use throughout the school. The strategies have been shown to be high-impact and low-workload, creating enthusiasm amongst pupils, parents, and staff alike. 

Four sessions  are delivered by the Centre for Fun and Families for school staff that interact with parents. These sessions inform and equip school staff with the necessary skills and materials to plan and deliver parent / carer engagement activities. Schools choose to run  an event  focusing on their school’s resilience work and encouraging the use of techniques and character words as a shared home / school vocabulary to  support resilience at home.

Every session includes elements of training / review / resources.  Schools commit to using the training materials to lead staff development and run workshops for parents between sessions to help them achieve the aims of the whole-school approach. Every school receives evaluation tools to evidence the impact of the work as the programme progresses.

 What Does Route to Resilience look like at Catherine Infant School? 

Catherine Infant School staff have chosen 19 character words, words that represent positive character attributes that enable pupils to cope with many situations at school, in their learning and in their future lives. Pupils call these words the character muscles

What are the 19 character muscle words? 

Resilience   Independence   Creativity   Confidence   Self Esteem   Curiosity   Love of Learning   Kindness   Courage   Perseverance   Respect   Motivation   Team Work   Optimism   Appreciation   Enthusiasm   Communication   Gratitude   Friendship 

How is the programme delivered at Catherine Infant School? 

Every two weeks, in our Thursday celebration assembly, the children are introduced to a new character muscle word. The word is explained to the children, what it might look like in school and how the children might use this character muscle. Children receive certificates  in assembly praising their achievement and effort  in showing or using  the character muscle of the week. 

The new character muscle word is displayed in each classroom and at various strategic points around the school to remind pupils and staff. The character muscle vocabulary  displays build throughout the terms.

Staff and pupils apply the character muscles to all aspects of school life - to teaching and learning, to behaviour, to play, to their treatment of others  and to home life.  Route to Resilience and the character muscle vocabulary are included in the Behaviour Policy. 

Staff are kept informed  and up to date with the programme by Route to Resilience staff champions  - Mrs Harrold and Miss Walters in EYFS.


Positive impact of the programme can be seen and heard throughout the school. Pupils buzz with the new word as soon as it is introduced. The character muscle vocabulary has become an every day part of Catherine Infant School life for both staff and pupils. 

Quotes from Pupils: 

Year 2 pupil, after having difficulty climbing a tall tree stump at Forest School: " Look Miss Harrold, I climbed that tree in the end. That was because I used resilience, didn't I?"

Year 1 pupil conversation  whilst struggling to cut out neatly and carefully: "Oh no, I won't be able to do that - I'm no good at cutting out." " You have to keep on trying and trying again and then you can do it, that's resilience."

Reception Pupil: "Look Miss Harrold - I'm doing teamwork to everybody today!"


Healthy Schools Network 

Catherine Infant School has been awarded a Healthy Schools Silver award!

To achieve the Silver award for Healthy Schools, we worked hard to ensure our school is promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all children in school. As a school we ensured that we have healthy school lunches that children enjoy and make lunch times fun through our 'Happy Lunchtimes' scheme, where children have special activities each lunch time. We also promoted active lifestyles at home by encouraging parents and children to get involved with bike and scooter to school days and by completing weekly Living Streets Travel Trackers and rewarding children who regularly walk to and from school with active badges. We also ensured a thorough teaching of the PSHE curriculum through using the Jigsaw online portal and have monitored this closely this year to ensure all children are actively involved in learning about their personal, social and health education. 

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